(IE8) Volume vanishes after selecting "Export Volume" then pressing "Cancel"

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Sep 21, 2011
FreeNAS 8.01 RC2 (but also seen on a nightly build about 10 days ago). Using XP IE8 browser. Easy to replicate the problem. Simply create a volume of any kind (I've tested for UFS and ZFS). Note that you cannot see the volume you have just created until you do an F5 refresh. Now select "Export Volume" (I was just curious as to its dialog), now press "Cancel" to cancel the "Export Volume". Now F5 refresh or log out and log back in and you will see that the volume no longer exists. Note that pressing the "X" to cancel the "Export Volume" diaglog DOES work as expected.

I have just confirmed that using Firefox as the browser, this problem does NOT exist. Also the issue of having to refresh to browser is not necessary to see the volume that was just created.
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