Hind Sight setup questions

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Nov 28, 2017
Guys - Thanks for the help in advance...
New to FreeNas but not new to NAS Network storage

We like FreeNas and it has worked GREAT - We almost built a custom server and at the last moment went with the ixSystems Mini XL Full with 32TB
This unit is nice and quiet and runs cool (A Nice Surprise, but a must)

When we got the unit we create 1 Volume using 100% of the disks (Mostly because this is what we has on the 2 NAS units this replaced. This is encrypted
Now we would like to do more with this unit - OwnCloud and FTP etc.
Finally the question:
I am guessing to resize the Main (and only) volume so that we can use these services when the volume is locked (create a new 2nd Volume open and no Encrypt) I would have to destroy the Main Volume and start over since the main volume used 100% of the disk drives - In other words I have 11TB of unused storage (In Main Volume) and I would like to recover that and use it for these services which world be open to the public - I am guessing this is not possible without a StartOver ?
Thanks for the help


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Sep 12, 2014
I am guessing this is not possible without a StartOver ?
That is correct. Also keep in mind that if you do decide to create 2 new volumes (pools) to keep the used space in each of your new 2 volumes under 80% or the performance will suffer significantly.
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