Hello from UK - Building a small system

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Feb 12, 2018
Hi everyone.

I'm new to the whole NAS thing although having worked in IT for [too] many years I do have a lot of experience and I've already spent some time looking at the various NAS software that is around.

I've now settled on FreeNAS and I've already put together a very basic system using some spare hardware that I had lying around just to get a feel of what FreeNAS can do. It's an ageing ASUS ION AT5NM10E box with a single 3.5" 500GB data drive and a 2.5" 120GB(!) boot drive and its maximum 4GB of RAM.

I've already played around with jails and have an 'old' jail (set up in the legacy gui) running dnsmasq/dnscrypt-proxy DHCP and DNS for my home network plus an iocage jail running Nextcloud which I just got up and running late last night.

I'm pretty much up against the limits of my hardware already so I need to design a new system, and having read some of the posts on here I now realise that a lot of people have "home" systems which are much bigger than the kind of thing that I was looking after 10 years or so ago in an office of 1000+ people !!!

Size, quietness and power consumption will be my main requirements as it will be sitting in my lounge under the TV! I would also like to look at running MythTV (my absolute favourite PVR system) with its associated DVB-S2 cards in another jail once I get a better system up & running.

I'm sure I'll be able to pick up a lot of useful stuff here but if anyone would like to 'chip in' with any suggestions or personal experiences that would be just great.

Thanks guys!


Feb 18, 2014
Hi there, welcome to the forums!

In the Resource section on the masthead you'll find this https://forums.freenas.org/index.php?resources/hardware-recommendations-guide.12/ and lots of other good info that would be good reading for you before you start asking questions.

Here's a reference to a relatively compact build that will give you some pointers, and here's one to a build which I would likely emulate if I were to build a server from scratch (my most likely choice today would be to buy another retired server as I did with my backup Dell - best bang for buck - but it couldn't sit under my TV in the living room ...).

Come back and ask more questions with a more concise spec and budget in your hands and you'll get lots of help.
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