GPT table corrupt or invalid? GEOM_Mirror?

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Jul 10, 2011
hi everyone

i am new to the help forum and apologize in advance if this is a repeated post. i have searched and could not find similar...partly due to my inability to find root cause of system issue.

i recently swapped routers and the IP address changed.

since then, i now experience issues with installation of FreeNas (v7.3?). no idea they are linked or not...

get to "Welcome to FreeNas" screen with options -> chose to run FreeNas

attempt at recording error string from screen...
Secondary GPT table is corrupt or invalid, using Primary only - recovery suggested
trying to mount root from UFS:/Dev/MD0
Loading Config files
Booting Platform :Embedded
Generating User DB
Starting GEOM devices
GEOM_MIRROR: device mirror / homeraid launched
Starting file system check: /DEV/Mirror/homeraidP1: Partially truncated IMODE I=53439489
/DEV/Mirror/homeraidp1: unexpected software update inconsistency. RUn FSCK...
Failed! Autofile system check: Help! Aborting Boot
Enter full pathname of shell or return for /BIN/SH

any guidance to solution thread or imput on this thread is greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance

Not open for further replies.