FreeNAS Not Showing Correct Data Usage for ZFS DataSet

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Oct 26, 2011
I currently have FreeNAS 8.0.1 Release

I have one drive currently setup as a ZFS Volume

Within the volume i have created 3 ZFS Datasets -
dc - /mnt/Disk1/dc
web - /mnt/Disk1/web
vcenter - /mnt/Disk1/vcenter

I have then created 3 iscsi targets/extents.
dc target is located in /mnt/Disk1/dc/dc.extent
web target is located in /mnt/Disk1/web/web.extent
vcenter target is located in /mnt/Disk1/vcenter/vcenter.extent

Everything is working fine, i can access the iscsi targets on the designated machines. The only problem i have is when i access the sharing tab within the freenas web interface. It shows all the active volumes, however the "Used" column is way off.

The vcenter dataset shows 64% used which is correct.
The web and dc dataset shows 0% used which is NOT correct. I am currently accessing both the drives through windows server 2008 r2 and i have verified the data is saved there. There should probably be about 80% used for each of those datasets.

Any idea why this is not being updated properly? I even restarted the freenas box which made no difference.

Thanks in advance for your time
Not open for further replies.