Enabling CIFS share with password

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Lucas Rey

Jul 25, 2011
Hello all,
I'm going crazy enabling CIFS share with password.

I already configured FreeNAS 0.7, creating a local user (admin rights) and then setup CIFS share as "Local user". It works without problem.

I'm not able to do the same with FreeNAS 8.0.

1) Create one user (username: share - Group Admin/Wheel)
2) Enable Services/CIFS
Authentication Model = Local user
Allow Guest access = NO​
3) Create a Windows Share
If "Allow Guest Access" = YES then I can access without password
If I setup the "Allow Guest Access" = NO then it ask me for a password, I insert user/password previously created but again Windows 7 ask me for a password, in an infinite loop.

As already told, the same PC can access to CIFS share from FreeNAS 0.7 with user/password authentication without problem.

Could someone help me???

Carlos Soares Couto

Hello... I am having the same problem, Windows 7 just keeps asking me to insert my username/password... Rebooting the NAS didn't solve the problem either. What to do?
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