Custom App help please? MAKEMKV


Dec 14, 2014
Hi All,
I am trying to deploy a custom app to my Truenas Scale device.
The url for the app is
If you look at the discussion page you will see me reaching out for help there.
Ive managed to get the app to a "Running" state but I have not added and "CMD" or "Arguments" and when I do it breaks.
The developer has provided this

Launch the MakeMKV docker container with the following command:

docker run -d \
--name=makemkv \
-p 5800:5800 \
-v /docker/appdata/makemkv:/config:rw \
-v /home/user:/storage:ro \
-v /home/user/MakeMKV/output:/output:rw \
--device /dev/sr0 \
--device /dev/sg2 \


  • /docker/appdata/makemkv: This is where the application stores its configuration, states, log and any files needing persistency.
  • /home/user: This location contains files from your host that need to be accessible to the application.
  • /home/user/MakeMKV/output: This is where extracted videos are written.
  • /dev/sr0: This is the first Linux device file representing the optical drive.
  • /dev/sg2: This is the second Linux device file representing the optical drive.
Browse to http://your-host-ip:5800 to access the MakeMKV GUI. Files from the host appear under the /storage folder in the container.

My question is how do I input this into the custom app?
Docker is not a command on truenas so I imagine "docker run -d" will never work!
Do the back slashes just denote the end of the line and can they be deleted?
Would i put "-p 5800:5800" in an argument?

Sorry I am a newby with this stuff, I really like makemkv and when I saw this individual had created a docker image I couldnt ignore it but if it will newer work I will move over to the handbrake app published in the catalog.

Thanks for reading all of my ramblings