cups-pdf in jail


May 15, 2013
I recently upgraded to FreeNAS 11.2 and am re-building all my jails. I was able to get cups up and working in a jail and can print from my Workstations to real USB printers as well as to a cups-pdf printer running in a jail. My problem with the pdfs created by cups-pdf is permissions. This is at home, not a production environment, and I want my PDFs to be permission 644 so I can open, save, copy them from any computer with access to the shared folder. I had this working fine in 9.x through 11.1, but, with the same settings, I cannot get cups-pdf to create pdf files as anything but premissions 600.

The relevant cups-pdf.conf settings are set which worked in my previous warden jail.
AnonUser nobody
AnonUMask 0077
UserUmask 0077

The files are always created:
-rw------- 1 myuser nobody

What I am doing: I am browsing on a linux workstation and select a web page to print, I select the pdf printer and it prints. The pdf is created and I can see it in the (smb shared) directory in Nautilus. If I try to open it up from the computer I sent it from, I cannot due to permissions problems (I am user:user and the file is user:nobody). If I log into the jail as a root user and change the file permissions to 644, I can now open it on my workstation.

Is there some setting in the mount where cups-pdf cannot change the ownership of a file? I may be forgetting something when I set this up in a warden jail, but have diff-ed the configuration files and cannot see anything strange. Is this some permissions problem where cupsd must be in the operator group to change file permissions? Currently, cups is its own group and not a member of any other. Grepping the internet has not revealed anything pertinent or current...