Boot flash device not recognised

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Ian Bennett

Jun 10, 2016
Must be something simple with this one, but can't see what! I've set up quite a few FreeNAS 9 systems and find 16GB Sandisk Cruiser USB2 units perfect as a boot device. However, I'm setting up a temp FreeNAS for some SMB shares on a little Acer Revo 70 SFF pc - I know, it's not ideal as a NAS unit, but it's only temporary.

Anyway, the problem in a nutshell is that everything works fine, but with a wierd issue. The only way to boot from the Sandisk flash drive is to remove it, insert another bootable flash drive - in this case another 16GB Cruiser with Windows Server 2016 install image - boot up the Revo and hit F12 to get to the bootable device screen. The Server2016 Cruiser shows up as a boot device and I then swap it for the FreeNAS Cruiser and hit return - FreeNAS then boots up fine and I can access my configured SMB shares . The problem is that I'm back to square one if I need to restart.

Anyone know why the Server2016 Cruiser boots fine, but the FreeNAS Cruiser does NOT appear as a boot device, even although it clearly is when I use the swap trick described above.

I build several FreeNAS systems in exactly the same way using Dell server hardware and have never had this issue so perhaps it's something to do with the Acer Revo BIOS.


It does sound like a BIOS issue. Have you found a setting that fixes it?


FreeNAS Generalissimo
Oct 15, 2013
I agree with Dru. I'm thinking some option in the BIOS vis-a-vis the USB stuff. If you're trying a USB3 port, try a USB2 port, for example. See if that helps.
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