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Mar 24, 2016

I have a question though it may not be easy to find an answer..

First of all what I store in my disks are essentially multimedia collection for sharing around my home, there are also my personal files, but I keep them stored on cloud also so I'm not that disturbed about losing entire disk array..

I have exactly 21 x 8TB WD Red drives, 12 of them are on one RAIDZ2 pool, and 9 of them are on another RAIDZ2 pool.

So my question is how to effectively use the storage space on these 21 disks? In the past I used 9 disk RAIDZ1 array and as far as I see the storage space was equal to the my current 12 disk pool of RAIDZ2 array...

It seems my understanding of ZFS, and metadata is not good enough. So if we remove parities, there should be around 10x8TB data for 12 disk RAIDZ2 and 8x8TB data for 9 disk RAIDZ1 but they actually have equal storage space. How could it be?

I heard that making the pool with many drives causes problems especially when a disk fails ( the rebuild time is too long ). But making smaller pools with 1 or 2 parity each would take away the possible storage space I could use.

What is the best use for these disks then, to get maximum storage from them? While I don't mind too much for a complete failure of my arrays ( it happened once ), but it'd be better if they remain as it is because gathering all that data is too hard for me as you may understand..


Aug 19, 2017
ZFS taxes.. you need to stay below 80% pool utilization.

Net pool storage with the drives you got; 2way mirrors 63 TiB (requires buying a 22th drive), three 7wide RAIDZ2 vdevs 84 TiB and your present configuration with 12 and 9 wide RAIDZ2 vdevs 97 TiB.

I know what I would go for ^^

Courtesy of @Bidule0hm ’s calculator
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