Advice on new 12 drive setup

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Jun 28, 2011
I just setup a new system and would like some advice confirming the way I have this setup is the best way to go.

Supermicro X7DBN board, 4GB memory, dual 1.6Ghz quad core cpu, Supermicro SATA2-MV8 controller. I will opt for additional memory soon as well.

I have 12 drives on this in the following configuration
(4) 1TB drives in the first vdev RAIDZ1, 2 of the drives are WD Green adv format drives
(4) 500GB drives in second RAIDZ1 vdev
(4) 500GB drives in third RAIDZ1 vdev.

I went this route to be able to upgrade only 4 disks at a time.

It looks like everything created ok through the gui of FreeNAS 8.0, I created the 3 vdevs using the same name and it automatically created the pool. This is a newb question but is there not a way to view the drives assigned to each vdev through the gui? and not just see them all in the pool.

I went this route because I wanted the space and did not need a mirror. Currently 5.8TB available space with the above configuration. When writing to the pool will it automatically balance the writes when the first vdev is 4TB and the others are only 2?

I didn't see a place when setting this up to specify the two adv format drives, is that necessary? On previous releases I saw the checkbox for that.

The purpose of this is only for home file storage and recorded TV from Windows Media Center. I planned to use iscsi for that. I read there are problems with the autosize of file extents. If I put a value in there does it pre allocate all of that space or just use that number as a max?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Not open for further replies.