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Adaptec RAID 5805 status info?

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Sep 13, 2011

I'm fairly new to FreeNAS, so bare with me :o

I have a system running FreeNAS 8, and I'm using an Adaptec Raid 5805 Controller to manage a RAID5 (4 x 2 TB HDDs).
FreeNAS sees the raid as a single drive, but what happens if/when a drive fails?
Will I get a warning from freenas? or do I need to reboot the NAS from time to time, to see any error message from controller?

- Christian


Jul 1, 2011
Just to be clear, are you using the hardware RAID of your controller, or the software RAID/ZFS on FreeNAS?

With the hardware RAID your results may vary, with ZFS I haven't tested RC1 yet, but you do receive email warnings if you're lucky enough to figure out how to get email working. It doesn't happen immediately, I think they're working toward making it work that way. I'm actually not sure if it just waits until the nightly status emails are sent. You should enable SMART and if you're using ZFS, under the configuration for each disk, add '-m root' (there is at least 1 thread about this). There is a section in the nightly status emails about controller errors, but I don't know what that covers. You're better off not using hardware RAID if that's what you're doing, there's also several threads talking about this.
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