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ACL Permission Issues (VM & Syncthing)


Feb 4, 2014
Okay so this will probably be long winded, but I will caveat before I begin, I have been running Syncthing for a long time first as a plugin, then a jail, then docker on a VM, and it has been flawless bar the occasional niggle.

I know parts of the question are Syncthing related but I will post here as well.

I have a FreeNAS box, on which I run a Ubunutu VM. On my FreeNAS I have a pool with data sets as follows.




They have the following ACLs applied to them

Media - Group - Family - Full Control, Inherit.
- Group - VMUser - Full Control, Inherit.
Alice - Group - Alice - Full Control, Inherit.
- Group - VMUser - Full Control, Inheret.
Bob - Group - Bob - Full Control, Inherit.
- Group - VMUser - Full Control, Inheret.

Both Alice and Bob are members of the Family group. VMUser is a member of both the Bob and Alice group.

I have a SAMBA share, and connect to that share on the Ubuntu VM using the VMuser login via fstab

//IP/Share /media cifs username=VMUser,password=XXX,uid=1000,gid=1000  0  0

Sure enough, can see Alice, Bob and Media on Media on the Ubuntu VM. So far so good.

I have syncthing set up on my laptop, and on the Ubuntu VM.

I am syncing folders from my laptop to the Ubuntu VM, the VM is receive only and part of a bigger cluster.

If I access the network share on my laptop with the Bob user, I can’t see any files that have been created by Syncthing. However if I access FreeNAS via SSH and do a ls -l on the folder, the files are there

d---rwx---+  4 Bob     Bob          11 Oct  7 08:03 XXX
----rwx---+  1 VMUser  Bob       13540 May 17 17:09 XXX.docx

I’m sure this is a permission issue I am not getting correct, I’ve not been using the ACLs on FreeNAS for very long so chances are I am doing something wrong there but not sure what.
My understanding is wih Bob as the group owner of the file XXX.docx, when I access the SAMBA share as Bob, I should be able to see it, all I can see is the folder structure though.


Link to Syncthing form post on same issue