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8.0.1-BETA and import UFS disk from freenas 7....

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Jun 6, 2011
hi!!! someone help me??

i try to import my UFS disk from freenas 7 in to 8 beta version with GUI menu'...

yesterday i have decided to return to my old freenas and i have try to remount the disk in freenas 7 .....but the disk is unmontable in freenas 7.

i have try to remount the 8Beta version but the disk have a LABEL problem and it is impossible to muont again .....

i have 5 disk ... all the disk after the import procedure and after a dismount in freenas 8 are unreadable by the sistem ...

there is a utility or a command in freenas or via ssh that repair the conversion of imported disk in freenas 8???

tanks a lot!!

sorry for my english :smile:!
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