1st FreeNAs setup, was working from root, logged out, then incorrect password?

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Jun 14, 2018

I did a search of the forums and I did not see anything matching this situation.

I just setup my 1st FreeNas box ever with 11.1-U5. The setup was successful.

Last night I was poking around, learning and junk.
A) I was logged in as root to FreeNAS intranet interface.
B) I setup a SMB share.
C) I created a "mystreetname" group.
D) I setup a account for my Windows laptop user account, "abc", to get to the share without password prompt.
E) I made "abc" a member of "mystreetname" group.
F) I made "ubuntu" (in name only) account on FreeNAS, added it to "mystreetname" group (*Side note* the password is the same as root).
G) I added my email address to root account.
H) I mapped a the shared drive from FreeNAS to my Ubuntu Plex server as the Ubuntu account to start copying stuff over to FreeNAS
I) I added my email credential settings under System settings and successfully sent test email.
J) I created reoccurring SCRUB, Short SMART and LONG Tests following this dude's example
K) I accidentally hit Log Out on FreeNAS intranet site and logged out the root account.
L) I went to log back in with root, and was told password was incorrect multiple times.
M) I rebooted FreeNAS, the issue persisted.
M) I was able to restore the password locally at the FreeNAS machine and now all is well.

I doubt most of the above steps may have played a part, but my work has trained me to record step work.

I'm wondering what happened that root password, I assume, was changed or became "corrupt" for a lack of a better term.


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Jan 22, 2012
Dunno what happened, but step O should be "Back up the FreeNAS configuration in System ! General ! Save Config"

If I'd been making significant changes, I would have done multiple "Save Config" steps along the way.
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