zfs disk degarded

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    Volume Degraded (sometimes)

    Hey Guys, I've had my FreeNAS setup for a few years now, but it's recently been claiming to have a degraded volume. When I check disks, one of my new disks is missing from the list. Then, when I restart the server, the disk is back. I get this problem every other week or so. When I run a check...
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    SOLVED Degraded pool! help

    It's not my day, the new server parts for my freenas build didn't pass POST, and now I got a degraded pool :( Probably because I was upgrading some parts and moving the chassi around and booting several times. Im hoping its a problem with a sata cable and not a broken disc it self. How can I...
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    SOLVED Unable to Import and use ZPOOL

    Hi My USB stick went bad and I created a new install with 9.10 and then when I tried to import, it says it can be imported but degraded. So I still imported. My ZFS volume ZMEDIA shows as DEGARDED when I do 'zpool list' but doesn't show anything on the web ui. What can I do to restore it...