zfs crash

  1. mrloop

    ZFS crash on import

    I've get two system running Freenas 11 one, called caolila, a nfs server, afp server, plex server which I also send snapshots from a remote ubuntu zfs pool. The other Freenas instance, xanadu, at a remote location is solely for replicating the first Freenas instances. Both Freenas instances have...
  2. C

    Hello from Tororo, Uganda (East Africa)

    Hello to all FreeNas forum members. I've been a freeNas 4Tb user for around 5 years now and have been using it to provide network file-storage for our Heart4Children.org organization without any trouble, until now that is :-( One disk started warning two weeks ago so I asked a visitor from...
  3. Thibaut

    zfs varying raidz1 access speeds, would eventually crash

    I'm a happy FreeNAS user for more than 3 years now and feel pretty comfortable at using it. To be honest I'm more often sitting at the command line rather than using FreeNAS' interface since the most usual operations I must perform are transfers from pretty large datasets (>1T), from one pool to...