1. B

    SC846/X8DT6-F semi dead after flash

    Hi guys, After a quite short night (2am), I am just now in the process of tearing out the X8DT-6F motherboard from our SC846 chassis and replace it with something I got around here, just to get the storage working for Monday. I updated the BIOS of this motherboard on Frinday (flashing went...
  2. Murac

    SUPERMICRO 4U 846E16-R1200B 2x Xeon L5640, 48GB RAM good starter rack server?

    How's it going people. A few days ago I was researching simple little builds for a pfsense firewall to add some proper protection to my home network which contains my FreeNAS build which is: AsRock C2550D4I 6x4TB WD RED in RAIDZ2 16gb ECC RAM And before long, I got to thinking how I was...