1. tc9999

    SOLVED X10SL7-F SAS Controller is not operational

    Hello, my old X10SL7-F stopped working so bought a replacement on eBay. When I connect my SATA drives to the SAS ports none of them are being detected so figured I needed to flash the LSI 2308 controller into IT mode, but I am unable to get into the LSI config utility (no option comes up during...
  2. ViktorLi

    X10SL7-F mobo with WD Red 4TB drives

    Hello, I am in a stage of building my first server for home use purpouses: Mobo: X10SL7-F Chip: E3-1231 V3 RAM: 2 x Crucial 8gb CT102472BD160B HDs: 4x WD RED 4TB 3.5 (connected to SAS) / 1x SATA DOM SSD-DM032-SMCMVN1 (connected to SATA 3), 2x Kingston SSD-SA400S37 / 120G (one to the SATA 3...
  3. M

    SOLVED Supermicro X10SL7-F and SAS Drives not found

    So this is my first post, so please excuse my ignorance. Little about me - I've been putting together desktop PC rigs from scratch since the 1990's - but the server class hardware is fairly new. So here is the new NAS rig I threw together for the home network based on some recommendations I saw...