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    1st freenas build, please give opinions & advice!

    Ok, so i'm getting ready to build a workstation and a NAS/vm/rendering assisting machine. I'm currently capturing 1080p60 and lower video for youtube content, and hope to upgrade to 4k over the next year or 2 ( i am going for 4K capture cards, along with having a backup for older analog sources)...
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    Compatibility- Existing x10DaI Setup

    Hi there, guys. I've been reading random posts in this forum for a while- been jumping back in and out of planning my NAS build for well over two years now. I'm a motion graphics designer with my own SuperMicro workstation I built back in 2015, and want to migrate my files over to a completely...
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    Storage for small Renderfarm

    Hi everyone, I did spent the last few days on reading on the whole FreeNAS topic and still am very overwhelmed as I am new to many things. I decided to create a thread to get help from experienced people to get a hint in the right directions, and what is best for my specific needs. (I am...