1. N

    Wordpress Backup Restore and Migrate Script 3.0.0

    This script will backup, restore and migrate a Wordpress install to another site. Although all the steps can be done manually or with a plugin it's nice to have it packaged in a neat package. You can create a cron job in the GUI to automatically backup your site. It integrates well with Basil...
  2. Basil Hendroff

    Scripted WordPress Installation (for Reverse Proxy) 2.3.5

    If the statistics are to be believed, in 2021: WordPress powers 40% of the internet. Around 64% of CMS sites are WordPress. Around 28% of WordPress sites run e-commerce. Around 75% of hacked CMS sites were built on WordPress :oops: There are few current guides in the iXsystems Community Forum...
  3. meteo-thenioux

    FREENAS et site web auto-héberger

    Bonjour juste quelques questions que je me pose je suis actuellement chez deux hebergeur ovh et 1&1 ,j'ai pas besoin de visibilité internet mais juste besoin de creer 3 wordpress et 2 site web dont un en php pour cette partie la je m'en sort bien ,j'ai 2 synology sur lequels l'installation...
  4. E

    Looking to buy a new FreeNAS server

    Hi all, I have today a Super PC that running FreeNas for a few years and I am very happy with it. As the time pass I doing more and more with my home server and I think it is time to move to a real server. Becuse this is for home use I dont looking to spend to much on it but I do want to but...