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  1. E

    Windows VM For Small Business?

    I do all the IT work for a small business & will be building them a new server very soon. My plan has been to run FreeNAS for backups of all PC's in the office and other general file storage & have a Windows VM installed. Some of the software they use (accounting & estimates) requires a Windows...
  2. J

    Linux and Windows gaming with FreeNAS as the host?

    After searching through the forums on a couple different issues, I see that it is generally better to not virtualize FreeNAS. That fact has me wondering about re-architecting my setup with FreeNAS as the host, instead of Linux/virt-manager/qemu. My system: AMD Threadripper 1950x 64GB RAM 5 4TB...
  3. E

    Windows 10 VM Update Not Enough Memory

    I have a Windows 10 Pro VM running on a dedicated 500GB SSD with 4 cores & 6GB of memory set. This shows properly in task manager & CPU-Z. However, when running the Windows 10 Update Assistant to update from version 1607 it says it doesn't have enough memory (2GB minimum). Has anyone else...
  4. P

    FreeNAS 11 Virtual Machine Not Working

    I've been following the instructions of how to create a VM that runs Windows from a YouTube video; however, I keep getting an error when I use VNC Viewer. I cannot figure out what I did wrong and I would appreciate any help that this forum can provide. This is the error that occurs...
  5. Willy666

    VMs con Win Server 2016 si blocca !!!!

    ho fatto questa macchina virtuale su freenas 11 rc 4 gli ho dato 4 gb di ram 2 cpu virtualizzate installo win server 2016 desktot edition funziona tutto ma dopo un po si blocca a volte minuti a volte ore perchè?
  6. F

    SOLVED [SOLVED] FN11 VM Windows Server 2016 System Service Exception on install

    I have FreeNAS-11.0-U2 and am trying to setup a VM for Windows Server 2016. I've followed the instructions in this video (, however when I try to install Windows Server it: - Goes through the installer and copies/installs the files - Performs the...
  7. F

    Windows 10 VM Multiple Core issue

    Hi there, wondering if someone may be able to help me. I've created a Windows 10 VM on Freenas 11-U2 but am unable to allocate more than two cores to it (I can allocate them in freenas but windows shows max of 2 cores). I understand this as a result of Win 10s 2 CPU limitation and byhve's...