wd red pro

  1. Bhoot

    (un)Planned upgrade

    EPILOGUE A bit of the background. My SYSTEM SPECS are available in my signature. It’s been nearly 3 years from original build and about 10-12 months from my last upgrade/addition of the noctua fans. Obviously the digital media is growing at an exponential rate and my family now uses my FreeNAS...
  2. G

    Chksum errs, CAM Timeouts, SMRT err logs, & More

    So, I've made a new FreeNAS white box build, (since my old build decided to kick the bucket (again) with a second C2550d4i motherboard dying in six months -Still salty about that). Build: Proc: Dual Intel E5-2670 Mobo: ASRock EP2C602-4L/D16 Mem: 4 Samsung 16GB ECC RDIMM DDR3 HDD: 7, 6Tb WD Red...