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wd blue

  1. S

    SOLVED Resilver running slowly with WD Blue (23 DAYS!)

    I have a drive currently resilvering that is taking a LONG time. The TL;DR version: The pool is a 8x6TB RAIDZ2, and is 81% full. I am trying to replace a drive in the array with a shucked WD Blue (WD60EZAZ). The resilver has been running for 2 days already. The write speed is dropping...
  2. M

    IO failures but smart test is OK?

    Hey guys, I have zoneminder recording videos to a pool called "cams" on a single hard drive (strip). It all starts with this warning: New alerts: * New feature flags are available for volume cams. Refer to the "Upgrading a ZFS Pool" subsection in the User Guide "Installing and Upgrading"...