1. R

    smartd_daemon is not running

    Hi guys I have just updated FreeNas to 11.1-U5 and now I have the amber light flashing with this alert message: "WARNING: June 20, 2018, 8:15 p.m. - smartd_daemon is not running." It wasn't there before and I'm unsure what it means. Any Ideas? Thanks
  2. filontheroad

    Strange Console Message since Update

    Hello, I just updated my FreeNAS Version from 11.0.1-STABLE to FreeNAS-11.1-U1-STABLE and since then I have a new Console WARNING showing up in the Console every 2 Minutes: Jan 23 02:20:36 XXXXXXXXXXX daemon[3131]: 2018/01/23 02:20:36 [WARN] agent: Check 'freenas_health' is now warning Jan 23...
  3. filontheroad

    Strange Connection Refused message in Console

    Hello, I set up a newly built of the FreeNAS Version 11-1-STABLE-Release. Everything worked smoothly and when I checked my Console in the footer I found this strange WARNING: daemon[6045]: 2018/01/17 01:28:39 [WARN] agent: socket connection failed 'localhost:65535': dial tcp [::1]:65535...
  4. ciscoguru

    ESXi 6.0/FreeNAS 11 iSCSI error

    I'm new to FreeNAS and iSCSI in general. Running FreeNAS 11, I created the iSCSI pieces, and I was able to successfully connect to it from Windows 10 (saw the volume in disk management, didn't format or anything else). When I try to connect to it from my ESXi host, though, I get a warning...
  5. F

    FN 11 - No system warnings?

    I currently have a "critical alert" in the classic UI. I'm aware of the issue, I'm not worried. I log out, then log into the new UI, there doesn't appear to be any warning of this critical issue.