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vpn client

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    TrueNAS and OpenVPN client configuration

    Here is a short tutorial to configure the OpenVPN client on TrueNAS 12.0. Prerequisite: an OpenVPN server running with a similar configuration: I'm sure other configurations work as well, but I haven't tried... And I'm not that experienced with OpenVPN! :smile: In"System\CAs" Add a new...
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    Home Media Server Behind VPN (help?)

    What I want seems straightforward, but I've been working on it for weeks with no success. I want my FreeNAS server to run plex, sabnbz, nbzhydra2, sonarr, and a movie downloading service yet to be decided. I want all my devices on my local network to be able to access any of these services. I...
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    Building low power consuming yet powerful NAS (homeuse)

    Hello, I'm new to this forum but very interested in building my own NAS. At the moment I own two NAS devices, Qnap TS419-PII (12TB) and TS-210 (4TB). Because I noticed my 419-PII is getting slow as media server I'm looking for a replacement. My 419-PII is a VPN client (anonymous access to...