vnc bhyve vm

  1. D

    cant see output of VM in VNC

    Hi, whenever I want to open a VM in VNC I don't see any output anymore: I can still navigate with the keyboard, but I don't recognize anything anymore, neither in the browser nor in an external tool. My System: OS Version: FreeNAS-11.2-U6 (Build Date: Sep 17, 2019 0:16) Processor...
  2. dirar

    Bhyve access - VNC not working

    Hello, I changed the ip address of my FreeNas machine (11.2) with a public IP address. Now I am unable to connect to any of the VM machine. Connecting with serial would say connected but doesn't ask for a login and the terminal becomes unresponsive. Any way I could change the setting to be able...
  3. S

    VNC Display Doesn't Update, VM Appears Frozen

    I noticed an issue this week with my VMs that I think may be a bug, but I thought I'd throw it out here to see if someone else had the issue/fix. I looked in the forums and bugs but didn't find anything that matched the issue. I recently updated from 11.1-U4 to U5. I noticed my two Ubuntu...
  4. Atomic

    CentOS VM in FreeNAS 11

    Moin, kann mir mal bitte jemand die VM Funktionsweise von FreeNAS 11 erklären. Ich versuche seit tagen eine VM mit einem CentOS 7 zum laufen zu bekommen, leider ohne Erfolg. Das mit den Devices hinzufügen klappt und auf ein Image kann die VM auch zugreifen aber wenn ich die VM starte und die...
  5. J

    vnc issues with FreeNAS 11 VMs

    I've run into a couple issues with VNC and FreeNAS 11 VMs. First, the numeric keypad doesn't seem to work at all. I've tried tigervnc, tighvnc, and RealVNC with no difference in the result. When I run xev on the Linux guest and press keys on the numpad, I get nothing regardless of the numlock...