vmware 6.5

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    FreeNAS Production Use with VMware

    Hi, can i use FreeNAS with VMware for Production Use ? i will use this for Storing production Database VM and other Application Vm also. I want to Use FreeNAS Server as iSCSI Storage, is there any Compatibility issue with VMware ? Specially the iSCSI Protocol Implementation of FreeNAS is it...
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    Compression and free space in pool

    Hi, I have a pool with a single vdev with three 240gb ssds in raidz1 that I use for primary storage for ESXi. The problem is that I want to use as much space as I can but freenas doesnt let me create more zvols in the dataset because it says its full. According to the zpool I used 345GB of...
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    VMware 6.5 - NFS 4.1 Mounting Single Share across multiple hosts

    I spent the greater part of 4 hours on the phone with VMware support just trying to mount and NFS sharepoint across 2 hosts in my cluster. The problem that I am seeing is that no matter how I try to mount the datastore, it always ends up being 2 separate mounts (one for each host). Therefore, HA...