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vm started state stopped

  1. M

    Error starting VMs in FreeNAS 11.1-U1

    My VMs in the FreeNAS do not start, I installed FreeNAS in an ESXi, HP ProLiant DL380 Gen9, it have an Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2620 v3 @ 2.40GHz, I installed, I tried some, they worked. But then restart the server to raise the resources and now the VMs do not raise. I give in Start, the page...
  2. V

    VM Started but State:stopped

    I'm trying to create a VM, it says vm started but state never runs and stays stopped (tried with Wait to boot enabled and disabled) . I don't know if my cpu is too old but I think I remember running a windows VM on a previous version (9.3? maybe I'm remembering wrong). Not sure what else to...