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    FreeNAS Homebuild Hypervisor Intel NUC build

    Hey everyone, I am new here and am interested in running FreeNAS as a Hypervisor on my Intel NUC with a single 512GB SSD. I'm planning on a few VMs on the server, nothing demanding... Currently using ProxMox but wanted to give FreeNAS a try, given I'm thinking of putting it on my Threadripper...
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    How do you start/stop VMs from shell?

    I've written a script that shuts down a VM, snapshots it, sends the snapshot to a file and backs that file up to an online backup. I find it better to snapshot backups while the VM is offline to prevent file system errors (starting up from a snapshot of when the VM was running is equivalent to a...
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    FreeNAS 11 - start VM from command line

    Hello, I have created VM in FreeNAS 11 web interface, all works ok. But I need periodically stop VM, revert snapshot and start VM. I can't found solution for start VM from command line. bhyvectl not see my VM iohyve not see my VM vm command give error : /usr/local/sbin/vm: ERROR: $vm_enable is...