1. Joon

    Video 2GuysTek's Review on the TrueNAS Mini X+!

    The 2GuysTek Team put together 2 fantastic videos about the TrueNAS Mini X+! Please take some time and view these videos as they contain useful information about the TrueNAS Mini series. Cheers!
  2. wblock

    iXsystems document download page added to Resources

    The new brand new iXsystems Document Page has been added to Resources. This new page gives us a way to make some of our most-needed and most-requested documents easily available. It also includes links to the videos.
  3. G

    SOLVED Can't watch most videos from FreeNAS Share

    Hello everyone. I have a test setup of a freenas box. It has 8GB RAM and a single 80GB drive. When copying and writing files my connection to the box is around 10-20 MB/s, plenty to watch what I have. Some videos on my share load up perfectly fine and work almost like native videos. Some videos...