1. Mazufa

    Veracrypt installation FreeNAS

    I'm going to make myself a NAS Server from my computer. I want to use Veracrypt encryption software on my upcoming Freenas network drive. How do I install Veracrypt software on FreeNAS software? Thanks in advance for your help! :)
  2. D

    Container File Systems

    Let's say I'm using VeraCrypt on a Windows 10 machine to create encrypted file containers that I'm storing on a FreeNAS server. Those containers would have an NTFS or exFAT file system. Does that defeat the purpose of using ZFS (from a data-protection/reliability standpoint) since I'm basically...
  3. D

    Full-Disk Encryption in FreeNAS 11

    A few years ago before building my first FreeNAS server, I researched full-disk encryption on FreeNAS and followed the advice of the general consensus which was to just use encrypted TrueCrypt/VeraCrypt containers for sensitive data. Fast forward to 2017 and I'm wondering if we're still at a...