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    Delete Files from Full ISCSI Drive or start over?

    I evidently setup VEEAM wrong and it locked up my ISCSI drive. (ISCSI to Server, Server formatted as NTFS drive). I can see the ISCSI drive, but it won't go online as it's full (tried in both disk management and CMD). I read here -->...
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    Optimal setup for Veeam backups ( 12 and 24 drive )

    Hello, I'm hoping to get some advice on how to properly configure the volumes on two new freeNAS devices. We always receive our NASes with a pre-configured volume setup, see attached. We prefer RaidZ2, and I've recently read that you want your vdevs to have a number of drives equal to a power of...
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    Versuche mit DeDup ZFS/BTRFS (Slow Performance)

    Die ersten Posts waren Fehleranalyse an der falschen Stelle.. springt direkt zu #post-468954 Hi, ich habe hier eine reine Backup NAS konfiguriert mit folgenden Eigenschaften: - Supermicro X11SSL-CF (SAS mit IT-Mode on Board) - Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1220 v6 @ 3.00GHz - 32 GB ECC RAM - 6x...