1. Alpinesun

    Windows fails to install with 2 vcpu's in Bhyve

    All, I'm seeing some strange behaviour with Bhyve and Windows 7 and 10 on install with 2 vcpu's configured in the VM. Basically it gets to 'Expanding Windows files' and gets stuck there at random percentages compete. If I install on a single vcpu it works and installs no problem. If I then add...
  2. maaadbob

    Update kernel to support my max vCPU count

    Hi everyone, Recently purchased an HP Proliant twin X5650 32GB server as a machine which could be used for pure number crunching. When experimenting with the VM setup I found I was limited to 16 vCPUs. Investigating further it is clear the limit is imposed by a define in ...
  3. I

    VMWare Esxi 6.5 VCPU's

    Hi, I am planning to setup FreeNAS in a virtualized environment. I currently have 2 Intel E5-2620v4 on an Intel MB (Intel® Server Board S2600CW) . I do a passthrough of the motherboard's MEGARAID SAS...