1. Nerdlinger

    Jail uptime

    how do you calculate uptime for a jail in the jail? that is, if I log in, and do a jexec testjail sh and type uptime I get the uptime for freenas, not the uptime for the jail. so how do I calculate the uptime for the jail? ( I was also surprised that uptime in the jail reports 0 users! can...
  2. J

    FreeNAS 9.10 uptime bug?

    Hey all - running FreeNAS-9.10-STABLE-201606270534 that serves as NFS/iSCSI storage for about 50 VMs. Everything great, been up for > 100 days without issue performing awesome. Then today I just log in to check something out and see uptime < 5 days. This has me concerned because I received no...