unplanned reboot

  1. S

    Idle reboot bug: aacraid0: COMMAND 0xfffffe00007bdfa0 TIMEOUT AFTER 3857 SECONDS, shutting down controller...done

    Greetings iXsystems Community, I've experienced what I believe to be a bug affecting FreeNAS/TrueNAS Core 11.x/12.x systems. When the system is completely idle (zero disk activity for a period of time), the system will report the following error and then automatically reboot: I also see the...
  2. L

    Big trouble with DEGRADED pools and reboots

    Hello together, I have a big issue with my freenas. My both pools (for the os (name: freenas-boot) and for my data (name: pool)) were degraded with a lot of errors: frenas-boot is a SSD, connect with usb3 data pool are 4 WD RED 4TB as raidz-1 Yesterday I had time for a new build. At first I...
  3. Scharbag

    Unauthorized Reboot - 11.1-RELEASE

    My system has been very stable for years. Specs are in my signature. Last night, I got this email: System booted at Sat Dec 30 09:02:40 2017 was not shut down properly Email was received at 3:12AM local time. Not sure why there is a GMT shift here but that is minor. I looked at...