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    Not recognize NIC (VIC 1225) Cisco UCS

    When I install FreeNAS on a C240M3 everything goes great, until I finish setup. When I go to configure the network, there is no network adapter. If I install esxi or anything else on it, I have NIC's. Anyone else having this problem?
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    Cisco UCS server for ESXi datastore | 3.5 vs 2.5inch disks.

    Hi, I would like to build NAS for ESXi datastore, but I'm not sure which configuration would be best for this. It must be Cisco UCS server, so there is two option for the config: 1. UCS 240M4 with 10x3.5 10TB 7.2k disks + 2x800GB for ZIL and 1x800 Intel p3700 for L2ARC 2. UCS 240M4 with 22x2.5...