1. R

    All SSD Array Optimizations

    Hello, I have built an all SSD array with the following configuration: Motherboard make and model: Dell r720xd CPU make and model: Dual Intel E5-2643 v2 (6 core 3.5ghz, HT, 3.8ghz turbo) (these can be swapped for 2697 v2 cpus if you think it would be better) RAM quantity: 256GB ECC DDR3 Hard...
  2. W

    Mistyped a tunable. WebUI, SMB share, & SSH are now inaccessible.

    I was typing out a tunable when I mistyped a letter. I didn't realize my mistake until I already submitted it. I deleted the tunable and recreated it correctly but immediately after that I received 2 error messages and everything became inaccessible. Going into the CLI this is what it has been...
  3. DeaDSouL

    Upgrading from 11.0-U4 to 11.1-RELEASE caused many issues!

    Hi, My FreeNAS server was working just fine until I did the following 1) Upgraded the FreeNAS (from 11.0-U4 to 11.1-RELEASE). 2) Upgraded the ECC-RAM (from 128GB to 256GB). 3) Enabled System->Advanced->Enable autotune. Then, the FreeNAS started to throw some errors. Like: First when I...