1. N

    SOLVED Fresh install on FreeNas compatable h/w - getting the no web gui

    Hi Team, Fresh install on new USB. New storage HDDs (have not had a FreeNAS install on them). All other hardware is the same - I have run FreeNAS (older versions) on it before. I was running OMV up until yesterday. I backed-up all my data then put replaced the OS USB with a freshy and...
  2. R

    Blinking command line after FreeNAS boot

    Howdy folks. Got my hands on a decommissioned SuperServer 7045B-T that I wanted to use as a storage server, thought it would be fun to put FreeNAS on it. I've never installed FreeNAS before, but I have installed Windows, Ubuntu and OSX on plenty of other systems in the past, and work as an MSP...
  3. N

    One or more devices has experienced an unrecoverable error. - How do I proceed?

    I just had a disk drop off my main RAIDZ2 pool and I need some guidance to troubleshoot/recover. I am running FreeNAS-8.3.1-RELEASE-x64 (r13452), and am getting ready to upgrade. Disk Configuration: /dev/ada0,1,2,3 - TANK - RAIDZ2 /dev/ada4,5 - SCRATCH - RAIDZ /dev/ada6 - attached to a hot...
  4. SeaFox

    Subsonic file locations.

    I've been having some trouble with Subsonic recently. Like, album art not showing up -- even when there is a cover.jpg image in the folder with the files, and more recently with some songs not playing at all. When I try the player just sits there, no advancing on the time counter. But other...
  5. G

    FreeNAS Crash Troubleshooting

    My FreeNAS box is randomly shutting down without notice. It just crashes and shuts down very abruptly. My first thought was that I might have some bad RAM (I have an old refurb kit) so I went out and bought a new kit of RAM (24GB). This did not help the situation and the server keeps crashing...
  6. OiD

    Network transfer speeds Wired vs Wireless

    Hello Again, I'm still learning with FreeNAS and I'm kind of up and running but I'm having some issues with transfer speeds. I used to get around 90MB/s when copying over ethernet and 25ish over wifi. Now I don't know what's changed but I'm getting 30MB/s over ethernet and kB/s over wifi...