1. wombat-fertilizer

    gpart recovery arg0 'ada1': Invalid argument

    Long time, first time... <TLDR>: (resolved?) I had an unavailable disk after upgrading and then reverting an HBA ada1 aka gptid/2725ca3e-3817-11e7-8768-00400510e336. I "replaced" it via the GUI, traceback occurred, but drive rejoined the vdev raidz2-1 without being resilvered. It feels like...
  2. G

    After mobo swap, failure when calling netcli

    After replacing a bad motherboard, I am unable to completely boot FreeNAS 9.10. I've captured a traceback from netcli which appears to show the query of a sqlite database naming an invalid column. I'm assuming this means that database has been trashed and I'll need a reinstall, but hoping...