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    Moving Time Machine backups from local disk to FreeNAS Time Capsule.

    I have a problem trying to copy many years worth of Time Machine backups from the local hard disk across to the new FreeNas based time capsule. Copying fails with "The volume has the wrong case sensitivity for a backup". Using Time Machine from two different macs (OS 10.11 "El-Capitan" and 10.6...
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    SOLVED Time Machine no longer working

    Hi there, I have had my trusty FreeNAS server working well for several years now - it handles most tasks and used to be my time machine server for my Mac too. However at the beginning of this year the Time Machine backups suddenly started working after I updated to 9.10.2-U2. In spite of...
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    Reporting on AFP share backup status

    Hello we use our Freenas for corporate Time Machine backups for our end users. Similarly we use carbonite for external users, on the carbonite account i receive weekly reports stating "Computer Johns-Dell Laptop has not been backed up in a week" or "all of your computers backed up this month and...
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    FreeNAS Time Machine wrong file sizes

    Hello we have a FreeNAS 7tb storage device running afp time machine backups for our users. Or at least that is our intention, I have issues Kathy M. 1tb of storage space for her time machine backups to the FreeNAS. I have then pointed her macbook to the FreeNAS volume. She has 600gb of used of...