1. MortenBN1988

    Making an internal swappable Windows compatible drive

    Hi guys! I have 6x MILDEF ST301 NAS's with 6x 1TB SSDs each, i need to configure identically. Each NAS server is running in its own separate network. Drive 1-5 are for archiving and i created a pool and a windows SMB share. This works flawlessly. What i can't figure out: I need the 6th drive...
  2. wgreenway

    11.1-U5 Laundry Memory over 10G

    I thought I had the issue with swap growth licked after making some adjustments but now the main processes seem to be eating tons of memory for no reason (it seems to be happening when the system is idle). Check this: Why is the GUI webserver eating so much swap? And 10Gigs of Laundry? Is...
  3. W

    Memory issues with fine running FreeNAS machine. Help!

    I've been running a freenas box for the past 12 months, but over the last 2 months, the system has been acting strange. It randomly stops responding, shuts down the plex plugin and has just been a nightmare. I've been researching the symptoms and all things hint to the swap memory usage being...
  4. N

    SOLVED Deleting swap partition (Is it safe to do this )

    I am used to working with partitions in Linux/EXT4 where this would be no problem, but I know under FreeBSD/ZFS things can be a bit different so I wanted to check. Hopefully one of the FreeBSD gurus here let me know if this is OK or not. I want to remove the swap partitions from a pool, but I...
  5. N

    SOLVED Limiting the scope of Swap Pool

    TL;DR SOLUTION: The best way to prevent a device from being used as a swap device (and hence become difficult to unmount) is to delete the swap partitions from all the drives in the pool. For instructions on how to do this see...
  6. K

    Swap space

    I'm getting the swap_pager_getswapspace() failed message. I'm running 11.1-U5. I've seen similar questions and the general response has been "Install more RAM". Well, I've got 128G of RAM, so I don't think that's the problem. I am running a few VMs, but the total memory assigned to them is...
  7. S

    swap_pager_getswapspace suddenly failed - no logged explanation, no jails/VMs, plenty of RAM?

    Like the title says. I checked my system and found it was basically unresponsive, with a ton of swap_pager_getswapspace failed errors on the console. It's never happened before. I was forced to kill power and reboot my server. The pool is OK, but after reboot there's nothing in the logs...
  8. eim


    hi there, running FreeNAS 11.1-U2 here with some ZFS volumes: root@freenas:~ # zfs list NAME USED AVAIL REFER MOUNTPOINT freenas-boot 5.13G 8.79G 64K none freenas-boot/ROOT 5.11G 8.79G 29K none freenas-boot/ROOT/11.0-RELEASE 161K 8.79G 2.34G...
  9. S

    Can the NAS be set to do "mini" system dumps when the system has RAM > swap size?

    As the question says. If there's a system error, a dump is usually automatic. But in my case the boot device is small, RAM is > 100GB and as a result dump is being disabled on startup. I really don't want to permanently lose 128-256 GB of data space on the off-chance I'll need a panic dump...
  10. T

    Cleanly & permanently disabling swap on an unimportant SSD

    Hello, After my primary HDD pool was created, I recently added my SSD to my new install and forgot to set the swap parameter in system to 0 before creating it, so I'm stuck with this 2GB partition and want to take all precautions before removing swap from it. So I built a simple FreeNAS VM and...
  11. J

    Update to 11.1 and lost swap space

    After updating to 11.1 some of the swap space allocated on the storage disks is not showing up as swap mirrors and doesn't get enabled. The system has 32 disks with a 2GB partition for swap on each one. The top 10 disks have been automatically mirrored, encrypted and added to swap but the rest...
  12. hokan

    SOLVED How to Promote a Replicant to be Primary?

    I have two identical systems running FreeNAS. The Main system is used for storage; the other is for replication from the main system. What is the process for making the replicant into the primary system (for example, in case the primary is damaged)?
  13. N

    Hardware Swap

    Hi, So my Freenas has been doing great for a few months but I want to upgrade the MB/CPU/RAM. I have some sensitive data on my drives and I am not sure how I should swap out the motherboard. I keep thinking, would I have to remember the original ports for each drive connected to each sata port...
  14. T

    GMirror Swap 2 Degraded

    Hi all, I've been having some terrible performance issues over SMB with my FreeNAS server and I haven't found a source to the problem (I just upgraded to 32GB RAM). I tested the ECC RAM for 24 hours, no issues overall there. I'm thinking it's a problem with FreeNAS/USB Install and NOT my Zpool...