supermicro x11ssm-f

  1. H

    LSI HBA funktioniert nur auf PCI (PCH), nicht auf PCI (CPU)

    Hallo! Ich habe hier einen LSI SAS 9211-8i HBA im IT Mode P20. Wenn ich den auf den ersten PCI Slot des Supermicro X11SSM-F stecke (die ersten beiden Slots werden auf dem Board als CPU SLOT PCI-E 3.0 gekennzeichnet) - funktioniert der nicht (Endlosschleife bei der Initialisierung). Erst auf dem...
  2. T

    Corsair HX750i and Supermicro X11SSM-F-O

    Hi. I finished building my new NAS and it's currently running some burn-in testing My question is that the HX750i has a PMBus cable and the X11SSM-F should support this (I am not completely sure) through the connector at JPI2C1. The connector given by the corsair PSU does not match that of the...
  3. Paul_Olli

    Building NAS for first time, compatibility of parts

    Hello, as you are aware I'm new to this forum and nas thing overall. I am okay with hardware, but the software side is not as strong. Purpose for nas: 1) storing backups of several macbooks 2) storing digital photos and important documents 3) storing movies (and hopefully streaming them to tv...
  4. J

    FreeNAS at last! (Plex, file share, PC back-ups)

    Greetings, As my Home Server 2011 based build has filled up and hit EOL, I started looking for the next platform to build around. Freenas was the clear choice and much searching online. After a couple months of reading these forums and checking various supermicro servers/motherboards, I think...
  5. J

    Any issues/shortcomings with Supermicro X11SSM-F?

    I'm planning my first FreeNAS build. The server will be used mostly for long-term storage of files in my home network, and I'll probably configure it in 4/6/8 drive Raid-Z2. I'm leaning towards the Supermicro X11SSM-F board, mostly because those 8 SATA ports will give me plenty of flexibility if...
  6. fikus-kukis

    a sort-of-small, but rather ambitious build (up to 24 drives, even more)

    Hello to you all, I am building a NAS with FreeNAS as its OS because I am convinced that it is the best choice for this kind of job. Currently, I am doing a research and preparation for its hardware. My idea about this project with its traits and features is somewhat like: [business goals]...