supermicro x11ssh-f

  1. Monkey_Demon

    Boot device: USB or M.2 2280

    Hello, I'm building a NAS drive with a Supermicro X11SSH-F motherboard and trying to decide what to use as the boot device, and I'm asking you for advice. The board can boot off of any one of several possible devices, but the two most likely options are a USB flash drive or a M.2 PCI-E 3.0 x2...
  2. fikus-kukis

    a sort-of-small, but rather ambitious build (up to 24 drives, even more)

    Hello to you all, I am building a NAS with FreeNAS as its OS because I am convinced that it is the best choice for this kind of job. Currently, I am doing a research and preparation for its hardware. My idea about this project with its traits and features is somewhat like: [business goals]...
  3. P

    New build--want to control more fans

    The parts are on the way for my new build, which will be based on the Supermicro X11SSH-F motherboard. This board has 4-pin connectors for 4 chassis fans and the CPU fan (FAN1-FAN4, FANA). My case, a CoolerMaster HAF32 has 4 stock fans. However, I will need to put some of my drives in the 5 1/4"...
  4. P

    Opinions on My 2nd FreeNAS system

    My first system is an ancient Mini-ITX system with just 2 (mirrored) drives. I can't count on it lasting too much longer, though it served me well. So I hope to move up to the latest and greatest with storage I won't run out of for a long time. And I'd like to explore a bunch of other uses...
  5. Monkey_Demon

    Introduction: Monkey_Demon

    Hi, After using a Netgear ReadyNAS Pro for several years, I have to migrate to another system. This is because Plex is one of the main reasons I have a NAS, and Plex no longer supports the ReadyNAS. Some people have kludged the ReadyNAS system to make it run Netgear's newer operating system...