1. Digitaldreams

    FN11.2 Help me understand how users and ownership work when creating jails and apps

    I originally setup my server over 2 years ago and with the new update, I'm trying to relearn how to setup jails and work with the OS. My main goal now is to rebuild my jails so they are under iocage. That brings me to why I'm here...there's a lot I don't remember. 1. So this is what I'm trying...
  2. F

    Advice on two-way replication and data-set structure

    I have two Freenas machines. My primary machine is connected to my LAN network and I have a secondary machine at a friends place which I use as a backup destination for a replication task running on my primary machine. I believe I have this finally working as intended. So far so good ... The...
  3. nojohnny101

    share your plex media hierarchy

    Hey everyone, I recently brought my backup FreeNAS box on site for some regularly scheduled maintenance (upgrading drives, yea!). I had wanted to reorganize my plex library for a while (the underlying folder structure) but didn't want to have to replicate changes that would result from...