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storage performance

  1. J

    Very Slow Bhyve VM's on Freenas 11.2 U4.1

    Hi Everyone I recently decided to switch from hosting Plex in a VM on ESXi 6.5 to bare metal so I can try to eliminate a virtualization layer. Also, I have read that a virtualized Freenas is never a good idea-- though I ran it quite well for 3+ years and never lost any data. Either way, I...
  2. st2

    Thoughts on KGPE-D16-ASUS MOBO for FreeNAS

    Hey All, I have a quick question- I have a KGPE-D16 Mobo with 2 AMD Opteron 6320 Processors and two (2) 16G of ECC Mem and planning on putting it together for my main FreeNAS build. This is mostly for storage which will be accessed by 4 people (for now). We mostly use AutoCAD and Revit. I...
  3. cronsloth

    RAIDz2 x 2 (ie RAID60) when and why?

    Just started at a new studio, and I got to inherit the previous admins config decisions. (great :p) I was told we had 8 disks in RAIDz2, but when I did the math, we were sitting about about 1/2 the usable space that I was expecting to see. Due to the space restriction, the admin also disabled...