1. U

    users and groups after joining Active Directory DC

    Hello, I have recently installed FreeNAS and am using it for the first time. I currently have installed FreeNAS-11.2-U2.1 I am having an issue when joining the FreeNAS device to our Samba 4 (4.6.12) domain controller with SSSD (1.15.2). I have got the device to join the domain but I cannot...
  2. BloodyIron

    SSSD really needs to be an idmap option

    Hi Folks, I've recently been doing thorough comparison between winbind methods and SSSD methods for SID -> GID/UID translation. To say it another way, when systems (such as FreeNAS and others) join an Active Directory (AD) domain, the method options in translating Security IDs (SIDs), which...
  3. W

    sshd reports unknown user for local users

    Hi, after upgrading to FreeNAS 11 we also decided to move away from locally managed users towards an existing LDAP database within our organization. This works great for the all the users who are in that directory. However there are still a couple local system accounts (e.g. for synchronization...
  4. K


    1 SSD VS 2 WD RED drives for a server that is used basically for pictures and movies. What one would perform better. I know obviously there is more redundancy with 2 WD RED drives. But that off to the side. For just pure speed, what would perform faster? Any one use a SSD in a server and how is...
  5. khartahk

    LDAP sets domain in sssd.conf to servers hostname instead of domain.tld

    I'm trying to set up FreeIPA auth for FreeNAS. I've managed to set it up so that i can ssh into the FreeNAS using FreeIPA credentials and also using the ssh key in FreeIPA - but this last part only if I manualy fix the /usr/local/etc/sssd/sssd.conf file. I have to do the following: services =...