1. Fire-Dragon-DoL

    SOLVED Which software for running backups of other devices to FreeNAS?

    Hello! I currently have 3 Windows 10 Drives, 1 Ubuntu Drive and 2 Android phones that I'd like to backup. I prepared a 3TB HDD on FreeNAS that's fully dedicated for this purpose. Ideally, FreeNAS would incrementally backup the stuff from the other PCs in its own datasets. Or (maybe better)...
  2. J

    Backup Freenas (Software?)

    I have a Freenas server I've been running. I was backing it up with Acronis on a Windows Machine (I know, I know). I have spent the day with rsync going line by line through all the docs and Internet information and I am about to give up. This is a fresh backup, so the disks in the other...
  3. J

    What software to use at Windows 10 to backup to FreeNAS

    As it says in title, I wonder what software are recommended to use at the Windows 10 platform to do automatic backups to the FreeNAS server. Is it possible to set it and forget it, and then have a similar service as the Apple's time machine? I am talking about if it is possible to having it...