1. zamana

    Installing mailrelay on FreeBSD or TrueNAS jail 0.1

    mailrelay is a great software written by Doug Lauder. It's purpose is to be a simple SMTP server that allows you to send e-mails from the computers in your LAN through an SMTP relay. It's in the middle of the way between a full blown SMTP server like Postfix, and a simple, local-only, ssmtp...
  2. P

    High CPU - where to kill?

    USER PID %CPU %MEM VSZ RSS TT STAT STARTED TIME COMMAND root 70756 36.0 0.0 74996 6940 - R 23Jul18 9349:36.65 /usr/local/bin/python /etc/ -i root ( root 54746 35.3 0.0 74996 6940 - R 27Jul18 3865:33.04 /usr/local/bin/python...
  3. Jochynek

    my FreeNAS-9.10.2-U5 is sending SPAM Mails

    Hi, I got abuse messgages concerning my FreeNas Box. It is sending out SPAM and is on a Spamhaus block list. I did not configure an SMTP-Server. I am using our Mailserver to send mails so I am a bit unsure how this came about. I searched the Internet and this forum but found nothing helpful...