1. T

    Does FreeNAS support version 1 of SMB?

    Hello everyone, I consider moving my HomeServer from a Windows OS RAID1 to FreeNAS. But because of some older Hardware using the shares, which rely on SMBv1, i wanted to clarify if it does support it. Especially because there were some security-issues with it in the past years, a lot of OSes...
  2. E

    SMBv1 on a printer security implications

    Hi all, Our office has a printer/scanner that scans to a shared SMB folder (FreeNAS 11.1) over the LAN. The scanner only operates at SMBv1 and the FreeNAS box also has SMB shares for each working group. I had to manually enable SMBv1 to get the scan-to-folder function to work. I'm not sure how...
  3. DAXQ

    SOLVED Another 11.1-U5 -> U6 SMB issue

    I upgraded a production server from u5 -> u6 after I upgraded two others (one testing in my house and one other production) and no other experienced this issue. They all got the SMBv1 not allowing equipment (not old stuff either - brand new Samsung 4300 copier scanner) to connect to the share...
  4. W

    Disable SMBv1 11.1 U4

    Hi Everyone, I noticed that FreeNAS is still supporting SMBv1 by default. I have looked around the GUI and even tried diving into the console to find a way to disable SMBv1 but have had no luck. Does anyone know of a way I can do this? Thank You!